Our Philosophy

Trina’s extensive knowledge of Iyengar Yoga has taken her around the world, for over 20 years, working with some incredible teachers along the way. This deep connection with Iyengar Yoga has led Trina to teach in a dynamic, passionate way, where she has the ability to work with a great understanding of each individual body mind and spirit. She run, classes, workshops and retreats in stunning locations.

Having the ability to awaken our limbs, breathing deeply into our muscles, opening our hearts we are stirred to look more deeply into our souls. This path Trina wants to share around the world.

Iyengar Yoga was brought into the modern world by B K S Iyengar. Yoga is an art, a science and a philosophy. It touches the life of man at every level, physical, mental and spiritual. B K S Iyengar.

Trina has only ever followed Iyengar Yoga the deep roots of the Eight Limbs of Yoga are like a map for life, however in Yoga as in life the journey is more important then the destination.

Trina’s passion is to travel globally and deliver this to everyone that she meets. Her classes are run currently in Sussex where she teaches everyday in her home studio. Working with groups of men and woman, she encourages them to reveal their true selves. To be brave and courageous, this space that Trina holds allows individuals to fully connect by bringing alignment and stillness to body and mind. Effortless Effort. Is my motto.

Teaching on retreat to swimmers, horse riders and surfers, Trina sees how this connection assists in body awareness, mental agility and stillness it has the ability to transform and connect any individual.